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Mathematical Problem Solving

NEW SEMESTER BEGINS JANUARY 2023! GRADES 2-3 & 4-5) Math by Natasha Komarov, PhD.

Is your child looking for a different approach to mathematical thinking that will challenge them and teach them valuable reasoning skills? Dr. Komarov will introduce your child to advanced math concepts in an approachable and exciting way.

Natasha Komarov of Vermont Math Circle, and a former ICA student, received a BS in Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University in 2008, and both an MA and a PhD in Mathematics from Dartmouth College in 2010 and 2013, respectively. While in graduate school she was also trained in child development and early education in Dartmouth’s well-received Mathematical Pedagogy Seminar. After graduate school, Natasha went on to hold a postdoctoral position at Carnegie Mellon University for two years before joining the faculty at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY as an assistant professor in 2015. She received tenure and promotion to Associate Professor in July 2021. ​ Although Natasha enjoyed teaching college students for 14 years, ever since becoming a parent, her heart lies with educating younger children. She is leaving her position as a professor in order to pursue this passion. ​ Mathematical Problem-Solving (8 weekly classes) ​ Natasha blends techniques from Singapore Math, Russian Math, and Math Circles. Her classes focus on approaching problem-solving with creativity and visualization. She incorporates student-run discussions as well as group and individual problem solving. This encourages the development of higher-order thinking skills such as logic, problem-solving, making connections, finding patterns, and being able to tackle entirely new problems by breaking them into smaller, more familiar situations -- all skills that will benefit students throughout their lives, both in and out of the classroom. Sheencourages students to view struggles and mistakes as a necessary part of the learning process, and work to break free of the all too common fear of getting it wrong that can underlie lifelong math phobia and perfectionism.

Register for grades 2-3 HERE.

Register for grades 4-5 HERE.

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