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Art of Problem Solving

The Singapore Math system is a highly effective teaching approach that was originally developed for the Singapore public school system and has since been adopted by numerous countries and programs across the globe. We have had huge success with the Singapore Math System curriculum because the method teaches students a deep mastery of the subject through carefully calculated foundational learning, where each grade level serves as a building block.

Unlike many models that stress rule memorization, the Singapore Math System relies heavily upon logical explanations and digging deep into roots of reason.

We will be using Challenging Singapore, the original curriculum that put Singapore at the top of international math tests. It includes CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) progression, number bonds, bar modeling, and a strong focus on mental math. It is a rigorous program that balances supervised learning and independent practice while encouraging communication.

At ICA we believe it is important to introduce students to a wide range of creative problems that will develop their logic and imagination, and our aim is always to bedazzle young students with simply stated but challenging problems.

Using the Singapore Math System Curriculum, students will be exposed to number theory and solve simply-stated but challenging problems.

Creative contests and continental math league problems will elevate their engagement and help them to experience adventures and the magic of advanced mathematics.

Rote learning will be replaced by creative learning and students will be introduced to a wide range of creative puzzles, beautiful and often unsolved Number Theory problems, and other exciting aspects of Mathematics. Students in Math Circle are scholars who generate original thought. I also envision Mathematics as a science. While students are always encouraged to do well on standardized exams, we also want to develop their creative potential. We introduce students to the history of mathematics. in hopes that they maintain a lifelong love of mathematics.

The ultimate goal of the educational process is to make students think about things. While Singapore Math will stretch the students' minds, and Number Theory will challenge them with unsolved mysteries, and creative contests and continental math league problems will make them face a wide range of topics associated with ACT and SAT exams, we also want to introduce the students to the history of mathematics in order to provide a historical context for some phenomena we will discuss in class.

This class has options for various grade levels!

For grades 3-4, register HERE!

For grades 5-6, register HERE!

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