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In Glen Rock, Teaneck, Livingston, NJ
and Virtual ONLINE Classes!

"They're an amazing team of knowledgeable, intelligent and devoted people. By being a part of the ICA community, kids not only grow smarter but gain skills for a lifetime!"

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Narrated by Coach Nick Katz 

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 Leah is really enjoying her class and seems to have acclimated very well despite joining an ongoing session.  The difficulty level seems perfect for her, challenging but she is able to grasp the content being presented in class.  BIG thank you to coach Denny for taking the time to review games that Leah played vs. other students in class and pointing out key moments in the game as well as ideas she should be thinking about to improve her game plan overall and to find better moves in critical moments.  She was particularly pleased with today’s class.  So far her engagement and online teaching experience overall is exceeding my expectations; we are thrilled to have joined such a great chess program.

- Slav 

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