Consider The Gift Of CHESS!

Teach someone to play chess and they'll be set for a lifetime of never-ending fun and challenges. 

Chess is not a simple game. The possibilities in any given match are infinite and each game is different. ​With each move, there're a variety of possibilities that need to be taken into consideration and every move has some counter move that takes you down a path to a different end game all together.​ 

Chess is challenging and keeps you on your toes, forces you to see, thin​k, and strategize.


International Chess Academy teaches kids and adults tactics, openings, middle game and end game strategies. For kids, it's a wonderful game that helps them to develop mathematical skills, critical thinking, long term planning vision, memory, sportsmanship and confidence. It helps them become better students, make new friends and prepares them for many of the life challenges they'll be facing in the future.  For adults, chess provides a community, a sport, a game you can play, especially with your kids, that is not only challenging, but wildly engrossing. 

** Makes a great and different birthday gift for your loved ones...gife the gift of CHESS! Join our vibrant community! Now, Wednesday evening Adult classes are available!

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