I fell in love with Mathematics when I was a teenager and am still fascinated with the subject.  I pursued a concentration in Mathematics at Columbia University on an undergraduate level, and obtained an MS in Pure/Applied Mathematics at Montclair State University (GPA=3.91)

I would like to convey the beauty of Math to my students, to make them appreciate its elegance, logic, and truthfulness.  I believe that studying Mathematics improves the analytical skills of the students, teaches them to express their thoughts without verbosity, hones their logic, and inculcates in them the sense of beauty.

Aside from Mathematics, I love Chess and Literature. Having more than twenty years’ experience of teaching at ICA Chess Academy, and an extensive history of private tutoring with my USCF rating 2077, I am a strong chess trainer.  Also, I have a great amount of playing experience and am a seasoned fighter who knows the tournament atmosphere extremely well.  In 2015 and 2017 my teams were first among NJ teams at East Coast Amateur Team Championships.  

I became interested in translating Russian poetry into English when I was a sophomore at Columbia University, and this passion continues till present. As for my translating efforts, I have thirty magazine publications and a book under my belt. After all, translating a poem resembles solving a mathematical problem with a lot of unknown variables, while the abundance of different solutions reminds one of the situations on the chess board.  

To me, Mathematics, Chess, and Literature 

are manifestations of the same phenomenon: Art.  


1999 BA: Columbia University, NY (Concentration in Mathematics / Honor Student)

2018 MS in Pure / Applied Mathematics; (GPA 3.91 Dissertation in Number Theory)

Publications: Creative Problem (Math Horizon)