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Dr. Natasha Komarov

Teaches 2nd & 3rd Graders

Mathematical Problem Solving
STARTS: Tuesday, MARCH 1


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International Chess Academy (ICA) has been a source for Chess training, competition, and advanced mathematics education in Bergen County, NJ  since the 90’s. In that time the school has raised a generation of well educated and successful adults that are now out in the world, engaged in meaningful careers, and contributing to their communities. 


Natasha Komarov is one of those students. Raised in Northern New Jersey, Natasha started attending ICA at the age of  seven. Like many other students, she had the opportunity to learn and study the game of chess, the art of competition, and also supplement her thirst for mathematics. Natasha believes that her most important learning came from her formative years at ICA! 


Now a tenured professor of Mathematics at St. Lawrence University, Natasha holds a PhD and MA in Mathematics from Dartmouth College (where she was trained in mathematics, child development & education) and a BS in Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University. Over two decades ago, ICA gave Natasha the opportunity as a high school student to try her hand at teaching, and she’s never stopped. She gravitated towards a career in education and has been teaching students of all ages ever since.


Natasha believes that the way math is taught in the schools doesn’t capture the fun, beauty, and creativity that made her fall in love with the subject. Her biggest goal as a  teacher, whether of elementary or college students, is to help unlock the ability to approach unfamiliar situations with logic and creativity and without the fear of failure.


3:45 - 4:45 PM, U.S. EASTERN


$320 ($240 early bird)

Space is limited!


“In math, we often ‘fail’ many times over before we get to the conclusion we seek, and these missteps are usually the most instructive ways to learn.” She wants children to be able to see math as a creative, living, ever-changing field rather than a static series of abstract operations developed by the ancients. As a mom, her interest in childhood education is personal as well as academic, and she really loves working with young kids.


ICA is thrilled to have Natasha join our staff this Spring to teach an 8 week course titled: Mathematical Problem Solving. This class is designed for 2nd and 3rd grade students, and will be held Tuesday afternoons in our Glen Rock location. The course will approach mathematical problem-solving with creativity and visualization, and will introduce kids how to appreciate the magic of Math. 

When she isn't teaching math, Natasha loves playing board games and hiking, which she does with her husband, young daughter, and very big dog. 


We encourage parents to register TODAY to secure a spot for your child (space is limited).