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Virtual Classes

FALL SEMESTER: runs Sep 12 to Nov 22



Our success with virtual classes has been so significant that due to popular demand we will continue to offer On-Line classes for students who prefer to participate from the comfort of their own homes.

The FALL Virtual semester runs from SEPTEMBER 12 to NOVEMBER 22.

ICA will offer the same quality comprehensive teaching that has been the bedrock of our reputation for over 20 years.

While maintaining a sense of responsibility and commitment to the students and the entire chess community, ICA provides online instruction within a Virtual SAFE environment.

Our virtual class structure follows the traditional in-person classroom with a 6:1 student teacher ratio, individual attention, class participation, student-teacher interaction, games at the end of class, and homework! Students are grouped by skill level and encouraged to harness their knowledge and challenge themselves, while embracing their own focused growth.

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