International Chess Academy (ICA) in the Schools


Are you a school director, teacher, administrator, club leader or parent? We're here to partner with you!

The benefits of Chess in education are well established. Chess improves memory and teaches young minds how to concentrate, develop problem-solving skills, think logically and exercise creativity when overcoming obstacles.

At ICA, we teach students how to play, how to think, and how to strategize like chess players by developing their mathematical skills, critical thinking, long term planning vision, memory, sportsmanship and confidence.

Our experience with kids is unparalleled in the field of chess education. For over 20 years International Chess Academy has been responsible for the development of a generation of children raised and encouraged to compete, hone their mental skills and exercise their intellect. 


Did you know that schools are using chess to prepare students for the challenges ahead in this new, rapidly changing digital world?


In Europe, classrooms embrace chess. Currently, over 6 million kids are learning to play in schools. Why? Because the game tackles the 4 C’s:

-Critical thinking
-Communication skills 

The 4 C’s encourage pro-social behavior, they teach pattern recognition, problem solving, and how to develop memory skills that assist in the retention of general knowledge. 

Chess education also employs Gamification, an educational technique where children learn through game-playing. Gamification leverages a child's desire for socializing, learning, mastery, competition, achievement, status, self-expression, closure, or simply their response to the framing of a situation. This learning technique complements our mission at ICA to foster a safe and nurturing environment where children can learn chess, train for competition, develop self-confidence, master decision-making skills and practice good sportsmanship, all while having fun. 


Chess is perfectly suited for the in-classroom experience, but also adapts perfectly to the virtual world. The game cuts across borders, ages, religions, ethnicities, and disregards physical disabilities. More importantly, Chess encourages sportsmanship by teaching kids how to win with grace and lose with dignity. 

ICA Advocates for the Intellectually Curious Child! 

Our staff consists of well-trained chess instructors who are highly skilled at working with children. Most of our teachers are active tournament competitors 

themselves and highly rated chess players. Some have achieved Master or Grandmaster status, and many are former ICA students.

At ICA our expectations are high, and in over 20 years of teaching kids to play and engage in this time-honored game, we have witnessed students fall in love with chess, develop their skills and capabilities, form lasting friendships, return year-after-year  to participate in our Math programs, after-school programs, tournaments and camps, then leave us to go study at higher educational institutions the likes of Princeton, MIT, Columbia and Johns Hopkins. Every year we also see former students return as adults to participate within our larger chess community. 


ICA is proud of the reputation earned throughout the New York and New Jersey academic region as a premier chess school, as well as throughout national and international chess communities. We are very proud of the positive and lasting effect our programs have had on a great many wonderful students and families, and are happy to be known as a learning institution that many of our neighboring schools rely on and have come to trust! 

Virtual Chess Programs in 2020

Until we are back in the classroom (we hope it’s soon and will keep everyone informed!), classes will be conducted strictly online using Zoom Classroom. 

We work with schools, recreational departments, teachers and parents to create supplemental, customized extra-curricular chess programs and administer them during the school day, after-school or on weekends. We work directly with educators to promote Chess in the Schools. You recruit a group of interested students and we will provide the rest. 

Beginner Classes will include:

The Rules of the Game: How pawns/pieces move & capture; what is an attack, castle, 'en passant’, pawn promotion; check; checkmate; notation – The “abc’s” of chess.


Basic strategy: -Checkmate - or the goal of the game -Development of pieces (more squares means stronger pieces) -Stalemate -Capturing the opponent’s pieces -Piece value (absolute, and relative)


CheckMate Concepts (The common ‘how to’s’): -Mate with queen & king against king -Mate with 2 rooks, or 1 rook 1 queen (Ladder mate) -Mate with 1 rook and king against king -Mate traps in the beginning of the game (scholar’s, fool’s, Legal’s) -Mate traps in the middle game (Batteries, plus Smother, Anastasia, Arabian, etc.)


Basic End-Of-Game principles: -King becomes strong at end-of-the game - Pawn & King against King (opposition, flanking) -Simple end-game positions for practice


Advanced Beginner / Intermediate Class will include:

A brief review of chess rules: capture; castle, 'en passant', pawn promotion; check; checkmate; stalemate (all from beginner class)


Basic tactics I (tactical devices to gain material for purpose of later strategic victory): -Pin -Double attack (i.e. fork) -Discover threat/check/attack (also double check!) -Skewer


Basic tactics II (simple combinations): -Piece values (relative to each other, position) -Unique piece combinations (i.e. Bishop, rook, etc.) -Deflections, Decoys, “In-Between moves,” Overloads


End-Of-Game -Rule of the square of the pawn -Zugzwang (possible in the middlegame, probable in most endgames) -Tempi (Triangulation as a means of losing tempi at end to force Zugzwang)


We know our students love the end-of-class Chess Tournaments therefore, we will be hosting school-wide championships at the end of every session. 

Still not convinced Chess is for your child? Feel free to give us a call to discuss your unique circumstances.




New Jersey Schools We Partner With:

  •       Armenian School, New Milford

  •       Byrd School, Glen Rock

  •       Central School, Glen Rock

  •       Cherry Hill School, River Edge

  •       Colonial Road School, Franklin Lakes

  •       Divine Mercy Academy, Rockaway

  •       Elisabeth Morrow School, Englewood 

  •       Eric Smith School, Ramsey 

  •       Fair Lawn Jewish Camp, Fair Lawn

  •       Fort Lee # 1, Fort Lee

  •       Fort Lee Recreation Center, Fort Lee

  •       Fort Lee School # 2, Fort Lee

  •       Fort Lee School # 3, Fort Lee

  •       Fort Lee School #4, Fort Lee

  •       French Academy, New Milford

  •       Frisch Academy, Paramus

  •       Grandview School, North Caldwell

  •       Hamilton School, Glen Rock

  •       Harrington Park Enrichment, Harrington Park

  •       Haworth Public School, Haworth

  •       Hawthorne School, Teaneck

  •       High Mountain Road School, Franklin Lakes 

  •       Hillside Elementary School, Closter 

  •       John Y. Dater School, Ramsey 

  •       Lake Hiawatha School, Lake Hiawatha

  •       Lincoln Ave School, Perl River

  •       Lowell School, Teaneck

  •       Lubavitch School, Tenafly

  •       Mackay elementary School, Tenafly 

  •       Maugham School, Tenafly

  •       Merritt Memorial School, Cresskill

  •       Montessori House School, Tenafly

  •       Northvale School, Northvale

  •       Norwood School, Norwood

  •       Orchard School, Ridgewood

  •       Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Tenafly

  •       Plainsboro Community Students, Plainsboro

  •       Sicomac School, Wyckoff

  •       Small World Montessori School, Fort Lee

  •       Smith School, Tenafly

  •       Solomon Schechter Day School, New Milford 

  •       Stillman School, Tenafly

  •       Tenafly JCC, Tenafly

  •       Tenakill Middles School, Closter

  •       Visitation Academy, Paramus

  •       Washington School, Wyckoff

  •       Westchester Torah Academy, Westchester

  •       Whittier School, Teaneck

  •       Wood Side Avenue School, Franklin Lakes

  •       Yeshivat He’atid, Teaneck




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