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Are you inspired by


Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced ONLINE CHESS Classes for 18+ ADULTS

This is a brand new program inspired by the phenomenal popularity of Netflix's, "The Queen's Gambit".

Do you want to learn the Rules of Chess and understand why everyone is in love with the game? Or perhaps you need to know enough to finally play your child, spouse or co-worker?

Our beginner course for Adults will introduce you to the basic principles, standard tactics, simple endgames, and even the strategy of the middlegame.



If you have some tournament experience, but want to learn more about tactics, thinking ahead, middle game and defense, this is the class for you.



Consider yourself a competitive player? If you’re rated above 1200 and want to work with a Master or Grandmaster to understand where your game can go, ICA has the training and classes for you. 

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Join us on Wednesday evenings, 6:30 - 8:00 pm.

All courses, Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced are 11 weeks for $400. 


Weekly classes start Wednesday September 15 and end November 17.

Learn, compete, get rated, take up a new sport. Women & Men are encouraged to participate! College Students, Professionals, Stay at home Moms & Dads and Seniors! 

Adults, 18 or older, we've got your Chess needs covered! OPEN TO GROUPS TOO!

Virtual classes offer lots of perks:

  • Easy access. Everything is already prepared far in advance!​

  • More tools to moderate classes 

  • Muting functions, breakout rooms, sharing tools etc.​

  • Numerous online resources for teaching (Video lectures, tactics trainers, club tournaments etc.)​

  • Students participate from the comfort of their own home