International Chess Academy (ICA) is led by a staff of highly trained coaches and instructors. For over 20 years ICA has been offering chess classes, tournaments, camps, and serving the chess community. 


Advanced Math Programs Grades 1-8

Singapore Math, Number Theory/Problem Solving 

Our Math classes are taught by age group and are available with or without additional Chess training. A placement test is required to assess proper placement. Students will learn problem solving strategies such as: systematic listing, model approach, restate and replace method. Training for Math Olympiads can be part of the curriculum. LEARN MORE

Chess Programs for Grades K - 12

Virtual & In-Person Chess Classes (Small Groups)

The virtual class structure is kept as close as possible to the traditional in-person classroom in that a 6-to-1 student teacher ratio is maintained, with lots of individual attention, class participation, interaction, games at end of class, and homework. It is very important during these times to keep kids active, focused, learning, socially engaged, and most important, challenged. LEARN MORE

Private Chess Lessons

​In general, how does a chess player improve? A common and probably the most effective way to improve is to participate in tournaments, then analyze one's own games in order to find weaknesses, then to work on neutralizing these weaknesses. At the same time, a chess player should further develop his/her personal strengths. To be more efficient, one needs a help of a coach. 

Future Master Class and Master Class

Advanced training for kids with an interest and talent for chess competition. Requirements: USCF/FIDE Rating of 1200 or higher. LEARN MORE

In-The-Schools Customized Chess Programs

On location or remote supplemental or extra curricular chess training programs for schools or municipalities. LEARN MORE


Our camp tuition is based on small groups of students led by highly trained Chess instructors, as well as additional supportive professionals. By maintaining small groups of no more than six students per instructor your aspiring chess master is guaranteed to receive the individualized attention and instruction needed for this highly-skilled discipline.​

Along with the numerous unique activities we have planned, we intend to maintain a fun, exciting, and engaging online camp, and will be giving out awards and prizes every Friday based on the participation and performance of the campers.​

We offer multiple discounts!  
20% off when you sign up for 3+ weeks (full day).  
10% Sibling discounts. 

Any ICA student who has attended classes or camps for 2 or more years, that would like to attend but is in need of assistance,
please contact our Director to discuss additional financial aid options. 


Give us a call:


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ICA Scholastic Camp Programs
  • Nine-week OR one week programs

  • Weekly registration available

  • Full day, AM camp, or PM camp available

  • Small groups, 6-1 student-teacher ratio


Learn chess, play games, compete with other players, learn many disciplines. LEARN MORE

Grand Master Camps

GM-Level Training with GM Alex Stripunsky

Open to talented players located anywhere on the globe. A USCF/FIDE rating of over 1500 is required. 

Intensive Training with GM Artur Jussupow

Open to talented players located anywhere on the globe. Two groups: USCF/FIDE rating of greater than 2000 and USCF/FIDE rating of greater than 2100.

In-the-Schools Chess & Math Programs

ICA works with many schools and municipalities to supplement extra-curricular programming, in-class teaching, after-school offerings, home-school activities, school clubs, and winter, spring and summer camps. We have professionally trained coaches that can run compelling, on-location or remote chess and math programs, completely customized to your needs.

Consider "Chess as a sport". Our Coaches train beginner students on the fundamentals of chess and have them competing against one another almost immediately. 


ICA offers a community with many opportunities for students to get familiar with tournaments, play live games and enjoy the pure excitement, confidence building, socially engaging pleasure that chess as a sport provides. LEARN MORE

ICA also prepares kids for Scholastic scholarship opportunities that are available throughout the country for dedicated, interested chess players, and helps kids get nationally rated and earn their points by competing in local and national competitions. Feel free to inquire about these opportunities.


The ICA math program is a great supplemental and stimulating program for advanced math students in grades 1-6. Our curriculum exposes gifted children to mathematical concepts and the foundations of advanced math studies that will keep them engaged at a higher level and prepare them for standardized exams, competitions and scholarship opportunities. LEARN MORE



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A brand new program inspired by the phenomenal popularity of Netflix's, "The Queen's Gambit" - Chess Lessons 4 Adults 18+. 

Join us on Wednesday evenings, learn, compete, get rated, take up a new sport. Women & Men are encouraged to join us! College Students, Professionals, Stay at home Moms & Dads, Seniors, GROUPS WELCOMED! 


Sponsored by ICA are the weekly Super Saturday Quads/Swiss Tournaments, In-Person (Over-the-Board) every Saturday @1:30 PM in Glen Rock, Nj. 

These tournaments are open to the public and are USCF-rated with a chance to win Cash prizes! 

Registration closes the prior Friday evening at midnight. 


We also hold a monthly tournament for beginners! 

The Progressive (Qualification) Tournament is held on Sundays @ 2:30PM, online, and are designed to introduce new students and players to Scholastic Competition, as we prepare them for the USCF-rated chess tournaments. 


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